Pile It On: Green With Butterflies, pigmented digital print with paint, ink, and graphite, 23 x 27 in.

Cara Jaye

This series of work was inspired by my daughter Coco and her motivational charts and drawings when she was a young child. These abstract works on paper were created with ink, paint, pen, serigraphy, and digital prints. I am inspired by the child’s marks and choices when constructing an image, as well as the visuals found abundantly in children’s toys and playthings. Being a parent has opened me up to an entire new world of visuals – from the toys we choose and offer to our children, to the kinds of images they draw and select for themselves. The work also alludes to my own feelings of inundation, a general sense of being overwhelmed, and the tricky power play between parent and child. The resultant images both subscribe to the idea of childhood as sweet and innocent, but also acknowledge that it is messy, overwrought and sometimes scary.


Cake with Graphic Splatters, digital print with ink, paint, and graphite, 23 x 27 in.