Reykjavik, mixed process, 55 x 31 in. (framed)

Iskra Johnson

My newest work is completely abstract, rooted in my career as a calligrapher and studies with masters of Asian painting. Working on vintage rice papers and other surfaces I create calligraphic gestures influenced by musical rhythms and memory of place. I then immerse the pages of marks in a process of digital alchemy, what I think of as an acid bath, to become something both closer and farther from conscious thought. I work improvisationally, looking always for an unexpected departure. For years as a calligrapher my job was to create legible words. I am interested now in language before translation. These new abstract prints are signed and produced as editions of one, or in small limited editions of 3 to 5. They are printed on rag paper with archival inks rated for 150 years or more. A number of industrial landscapes and botanicals blending painting and photography are also available through SAM Gallery


Cloud Over Neah Bay , mixed process, 25 x 24 in.

Koyasan, mixed process, 38 x 37 in.

The Pearl Divers, mixed process, 42 x 32 in.

The Messenger, mixed process, 29 x 29 in.

Waterfall, mixed process, 42 x 32 in.

Tar Study, mixed process, 29 x 29 in.

Looking for the Northern Light 1/1, mixed process, 55 x 31 in. (framed)

A Quieter Room , mixed process, 42 x 32 in.

Processional , mixed prcoess, 38 x 37 in.

Basho's Garden, mixed process, 29 x 29 in.

Neah Bay Sunset Hour, mixed process, 23 x 22 in.

Blue Poppies Redon, mixed process, 24 x 23 in.

El Lobo Grande, mixed process, 31 x 55 in.