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  • Use the ERCís resources appropriately. ERC borrowers can come to the ERC to find images online, preview materials, and sign up to access images through Artstor back in their classrooms. We ask that you be respectful of other ERC borrowers.

  • Return materials to the ERC at the Seattle Art Museum downtown or to the book return in the Olympic Sculpture Park parking garage by the return date specified on the due date slip or Outreach Suitcase reservation form. Loans are a temporary transfer of materials from SAM to the borrower. Any extension granted past the original return date can only be made by ERC staff. Fines for late Outreach Suitcase returns will be charged at a rate of $5 per day, $35 per week. If the borrower fails to return a Suitcase within 30 days of the return date, the borrower will be charged the full value of the Suitcase ($1,000).

  • Compensate SAM for any materials lost or damaged. Any damage or loss to the materials while under loan to the borrower is the sole responsibility of the borrower. ERC staff will determine any necessary repair or replacement charges. The borrower agrees to promptly pay any such charges. The borrower will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear that occurs with regular use of the Suitcases and other materials. SAM reserves the right to cancel this agreement and demand immediate return of the Suitcases or other materials if it determines, in its discretion, that there is an unreasonable risk to the safety of the Suitcases or other materials.

  • Indemnify and hold harmless SAM from any costs, damages, or harm resulting from use or possession of the Suitcases, their contents, or other materials, including by the borrower, educators, students or others.

  • Comply with federal copyright laws. ERC materials and images are for educational purposes only. The Outreach Suitcase content, including the Educator Resource Guide and prints and CD of supplemental images from SAMís collection are the property of SAM and may not be reproduced without prior written permission from SAM, except for educational purposes.

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Seattle Art Museum respectfully acknowledges that we are on Indigenous land, the traditional territories of the Coast Salish people. We honor our ongoing connection to these communities past, present, and future.

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