Shi Shi Beach (Morning View), oil on paper, 22x18

Chris Sheridan

Creating landscape paintings has become a way to bring clarity to those overlaps, as the veil between dreams and reality wears thin. Each image is from a location that I have hiked to, camped at, or sat and quietly gazed upon. They are an exploration of the wonder and solitude that I experience there, as well as the fascinating light, textures and colors that attract my eye like moth to flame. They are entries to a journal of the places where I've found my focus again.


Jack Island, oil on canvas, 24x48

Selfoss 1, oil on canvas, 40 by 30 in.

Lower International (Alpental), oil on paper, 22 by 18 in.

Cle Elum Lake, oil on paper, 18 by 22 in.

Flattery Rocks NWR, oil on paper, 18x22

Jack Island - Arbutus Tree, oil on canvas, 30x40

Selfoss 2, oil on canvas, 40 by 30 in.

Deadman's Cove, Cape Disappointment, oil on canvas, 22 by 18 in.

Wanapum Lake, Columbia River, oil on paper, 22 by 18 in.