Excursion Part 1, oil and colage on canvas, 36x48

Anna Macrae

I am a process driven artist. My work is generated in response to the materials that I use together with the techniques and processes that I have developed. I am interested in texture and surface and playing with nonprecious unconventional materials.I court contrast and contradiction, and continually challenge myself to explore new methods of working. I thrive on attempting to harness the potential chaos of the unknown during the creative process of making abstraction.


Compression Point, oil and mixed media, 30x24

Yes You Can, oil and mixed media, 30x24

I Think We Should, oils, mixed media, 40x40

Only If You Want To, ois, mixed media, 40x40

If Only It Were True, oil and mixed media on canvas, 20x60

No Return, oil and mixed media, 30x24

Seattle Cityscape, oil and collage on canvas, 36x48

Can We Start Again, oils, mixed media, 40x40