Wilder Had a Bit of a Party, oil on plexiglass, 15 by 34 in.

Christopher Kroehler

Each of my paintings tells a story through my playful cast of characters. They play at form, color, and image; experiments of expression which read beneath the surface. I developed a method of dimensional painting, which utilizes the transparent quality of glass by applying paint to both the outer and inner surfaces, as well as the canvas backing. As a result, light plays a major role in the work by casting shadows onto the canvas. In the end, the effect is the incorporation of several separate surfaces into a cohesive and dimensional whole.


Ten Minutes Before the Main Act, oil on plexiglass, 36x28

They Were There for Deb, oil on plexiglass, 30x30

Marsha Needed Another Round, oil on plexiglass, 15 by 34 in.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, oil on plexiglass, 28x34

Felix Had One Too Many, oil on plexiglass, 28x20