Life Of The Party, oil on plexiglass, 25 x 28 in.

Christopher Kroehler

Each of my paintings tells a story through my playful cast of characters. They play at form, color, and image; experiments of expression which read beneath the surface. I developed a method of dimensional painting, which utilizes the transparent quality of glass by applying paint to both the outer and inner surfaces, as well as the canvas backing. As a result, light plays a major role in the work by casting shadows onto the canvas. In the end, the effect is the incorporation of several separate surfaces into a cohesive and dimensional whole.


They Were There for Deb, oil on plexiglass, 30 x 30 in.

Ten Minutes Before the Main Act, oil on plexiglass, 36 x 28 in.

The Seattle Art Museum acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral land of the Coast Salish people.