Bright Geodes #1, ink and resin, 24x24

Laura Van Horne

I create art because I have to. It is what drives me. I gather inspiration from so many different things: nature, photography, humor, and everyday objects. Much of my art is vintage inspired. I use vintage magazines, photos, textiles and clothing as inspiration to connect the past to my own experiences. I like to bring a contemporary view to objects from another era.


Mars, ink and resin, 30x30

The Pool, ink and resin, 36x48

Chaos #1, ink and resin, 30x30

Cascade, ink and resin, 40x30

The Path #3, ink and resin on panel, 24x24

Kaleidoscope, ink and epoxy resin, 36x48

Apparition, acrylic, 36x24

Bright Geodes #2, ink and resin, 24x24

Google Geode #4, ink and resin, 40x30

Decalescence, ink and resin, 30x40

Cells, ink and resin, 30x30

Science Experiment, ink and resin, 36x48

The Path #4, ink and resin, 24x24

Trapped, acrylic, 36x24

Float, acrylic, 36x24