Vine Maple Tangle, photograph, 29.5x25.5

William Mitchell

It was through the daily study of a Mark Tobey lithograph that I learned to see photographic possibilities in the rhythmically swirling complexities of brush, brambles, and tangled undergrowth of Pacific Northwest coastal forests. With these images, I am exploring the structure of interactions that only appear random on the surface, and I am connecting with the beauty of natural processes that often go unnoticed.


Winter Tangle, photograph, 29.5x25.5

Wetland Tangle, photograph, 33.5x39.5

Elwha Tangle, photograph, 39.5x33.5

Wetland Tangle 2015, photograph, 33x38

Quinalt Maple Grove, photograph, 25x41

Big Leaf Maple Tangle, photograph, 25x41

Tangle with Salal, photograph, 29.5x25.5

Coastal Tangle, photograph, 39.5x33.5

Oregon Oak Tangle with Lichen, photograph , 33.5x39.5

Scrub Oak Tangle, photograph, 33x38

Bent Reeds, photograph, 25x41

Garry Oak , photograph, 25x41

Red Alder Reflection, photograph, 25x41