Aztek Dress, acrylic on Tyvek, 30x19

Warren Dykeman

My paintings and drawings are mixtures of images from sketch books, hand lettering, digital art and collage. I use pencil, acrylic, digital printing and computer projections to create these images. The figure, hand lettering and typography are my major themes. I am intrigued by Folk Art, Primitive Art and all Graphic Art. I want my work to contain an awkwardness that has a rhythm between shape, contrast, color and inaccuracy.


Heidelburg, mixed media, 39x44

Vitos Redux 4, mixed media, 44x36

Bum X, mixed media on paper, 45x35

Pile of Wigs, acrylic, graphite on paper on panel, 24x18

Vitos Redux 3, mixed media, 44x36

Look Ya, mixed media on paper, 43.5x35

Flame Dresses, mixed media on paper, 48x35