Quartet at the Pond, acrylic on panel, 46x40

Laura Thorne

My work explores optical expressions of evocative experiences with form and color, where what appears is shaped by what disappears. My work now and almost always has been inspired by nature’s fleeting dynamics. I have developed a personal vocabulary of proliferating shapes and colors to alternately construct and dissolve forms with translucent layers of paint. Discovering patterns that expand, shatter and evanesce again and again, I seek the next moment of “what would happen if?” Gestures and edges, impulses and rhythms, etch and urge each painting’s evolution towards unforeseen resolutions.


Night Writing, acrylic on panel, 36x30

Blue, acrylic on panel, 60x35

Sonata in Blue, acrylic on wood, 42x36

Tracery, acrylic on panel, 22x30

Beautiful Eon, acrylic on panel, 36x30

Micaceous Traces, acrylic on panel, 40x36

Sienna, acrylic on panel, 60x35

Crossing, acrylic on panel, 60x35

What the Canyon Knows, acrylic on panel, 40x46

Sisters at Judd Creek, acrylic on panel, 22x30

Excavation Point, acrylic on panel, 35x60