Good Luck Dance, oil and charcoal on canvas, 30x30

Katie Anderson

I have always loved color, mark-making, and juicy paint. Working vigorously in oil and charcoal, I paint things that are felt as much as seen, in an abstract language that blends movement, observation, intuition and memory. I add and subtract, build and obliterate and finally arrive at a place where layered fragments form a new whole. Mark-making is at the heart of my work – it’s where the pressure, speed, and impulse of my hand show up. I’m interested in qualities of space and light that seem calm on the surface but hint at interior meaning. In the end, my intention is to create beautiful mystery that will stop someone for a moment of stillness and reflection.


Compleanno, oil, charcoal, pencil on canvas, 36x48

A Priori, oil, charcoal on canvas, 36x24

Birdland, oil, charcoal on canvas, 40x40

Villefranche, oil, charcoal and pencil on canvas, 36x48

Anima Moon, oil, charcoal, pencil on canvas, 36x48

Song for My Father , oil, charcoal on canvas, 40x40