Rondure 1, mixed media encaustic, 36x36

Jo Moniz

I paint with primarily encaustic. Hot beeswax and damar resin form a sensual vehicle for pigment. I layer on the hot paint until the color composition is compelling. Sometimes I scratch through the layers to reveal some of the work history below. I also etch into the medium and deposit graphite or encaustic paint into the straight or curved lines to create visual separations of color and to add detail.


Planar Tilt 1, encaustic, oil and graphite, 30x24

Mies FH 1, mixed media encaustic, 24x24

Onekahakaha, mixed media encaustic, 36x36

Mallet - Stevens VC, mixed media encaustic, 40x30

Mies FH 2, mixed media encaustic, 24x24