In Distance, collage on canvas, 36x36

Eva Isaksen

Color is intense. It overpowers me. My work is an exploration of complex color schemes and contrasts. I seek ways to bring my work to new levels of my personal interpretation of nature. My work is about color, line, material, form, space, and about art as process that always changes and grows.


Balancer, collage on paper, 35x29

Green Serene, collage on canvas, 40x40

Lift II, collage on paper, 36.5x30

Northland, collage on canvas, 30x48

A Little Dance, screenprint, 38x31

Standby, handmade paper collage on canvas, 60x48

Interacts, handmade paper collage on canvas, 36x36

Jazz, collage on canvas, 30x36

Lift III, collage on paper, 36.5x30.5

Midnight North, collage on canvas, 30x48

Moves and Shakes, screenprint, 38x31

Play and Blue, screenprint, 38x31

Light Lift, handmade paper collage on canvas, 48x36