Along the Way, etchings with chine colle, 32x30

Ellen Rutledge

My visual vocabulary is a hodgepodge of worn, used and common objects. They are a constant and ongoing fascination for me and I enjoy puzzling their implications to human activities and thought as well as their metaphorical references. I like to use text from old books- not only for the ongoing stories in life- but for the beauty of lines and letters and old pages.


I Cannot Forget, etching, 42x42

Simplicity, etchings, 42x42

Trace, etching with chine colle, 17x39

Liberty Hill, etchings , 33.5 x 33.5

Airmail, etchings, 33.5 x 33.5

Input and Output, mixed media, 34x34

Cut II, etching with chine colle, 15.5 x 40