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Photo: Elizabeth Mann

A-side: G L A C I E R; B-side: Glacier National Park (Pendleton Park Series)


Artist Joey Veltkamp

American, born 1972

The great outdoors can serve as a foil for projecting numerous fantasies. Veltkamp's quilt centers on Glacier National Park, where ideals of heroic masculinity from pioneering days mix with contemporary tourist culture -- featuring bears, car-camping scenery, and John Deere logos. If the quilt is associated with cozy campfire memories, the reverse side represents a classic blanket made by Pendleton. The company uses designs that were inspired by indigenous blankets. With Side A and B, Veltkamp is juxtaposing competing histories and economies within the American landscape.

Fabric (artist Tony Sonnenberg’s Lucky brand jeans), batting, thread, 42 × 80in. (106.7 × 203.2cm), Gift of Matthew Offenbacher and Jennifer Nemhauser with funds from the 2013 Neddy Award in Painting, 2015.2.4, © Joey Veltkamp

Provenance: The artist; purchased from artist by Matthew Offenbacher, Seattle, March 2015

Not currently on view

Photo: Elizabeth Mann

Photo: Elizabeth Mann